Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Its Halloween, so pull you're best Halloween face!




Superwoman made these cool costumes! (all but the pirate hat, hook and eye-patch) The kids will look styling when they are bumming candy off the neighbors.


Nobody said...

Very nice! We just bought costumes from Walmart this year. We're bums. Last year we made a costume for Jr. He was a pac-man video game.

SushiBoy said...

He was an arcade cabinet? How cool is that!

Pickalish said...

Yay for Superwoman! If she made those, she truly lives up to her name!

PS..my mom lives in St. George, UT.

SushiBoy said...

Welcome pickalish! Superwoman is a big fan of your blog.

When I was younger we visited St. George quite often. I went back around two years ago, its grown a ton.