Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day Friday

Its a leap day. Its a Friday. How cool is that? I personally think that leap year days should be tacked on to the weekend. I could use an extra Saturday, how about you? (I don't think calendar makers wouldn't like it, but who cares)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weird Wednesday #19

Weird Hello Kitty Finds

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress

Hello Kitty X-Box
Hello Kitty X-Box

Hello Kitty Tarot Cards
Hello Kitty Tarot Cards

Hello Kitty Breath Tester
Hello Kitty Breath Tester (test to see of your breath smells good or bad)

Hello Kitty Goodbye exhuast
Hello Kitty Tail Pipe

Hello Kitty AR-16
Hello Kitty Assault Rifle

Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm a lucky guy.

If you go over to Superwoman's, blog you can see the pictures of the kids and the pets that I never got around to posting. If you do, you may find out why I consider myself such a lucky guy.

BTW, I've been flat out sick for the past two weeks. Today I finally feel like a human again, well as close as I ever feel. (I still have a bit of a fever, cough and a really runny nose). This is good, because I've now missed about two weeks of work and school. I shudder to see the state of my desk when I get into work (I didn't exactly leave it in great shape) and I have a test (a big test) coming up in school next week. Whew! I've kept up on my homework, but that is about it. I can't wait to read some blogs and see what everyone is up too.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Superwoman finally gave into (positive) peer pressure.

So you can stop reading here and go read superwoman's blog. Just click the picture.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sushiboy Status

I've not posted for a couple of weeks. Life has been a little crazy around the Sushiboy residence.

Superwoman was in a car accident, somebody ran a stop sign and and t-boned her. Superwoman has whiplash and her back muscles are out of whack causing her hip to be misaligned and one leg be "longer" than the other. (aka her hip is shifted so its right part is further down than the left) This is painful and will require some physical therapy (also painful), but there shouldn't be any permanent damage. I'm grateful that she is ok and that no one else was in our car (if my son were with her his legs would probably be pretty smashed up). Prayers on her behalf would be welcome.

Our car is totaled, we have been shopping for a new one and found out how much we can afford, it isn't much. In the process of car shopping we seem to have picked up some colds. Superwoman was pretty sick for a couple of days but is pretty much over it. (Thank the heavens, she has had enough to deal with already) I, on the other hand, am about as sick as I have ever been. I've been out of commission, missing school and work, all week. I finally seem to be on the mend, although I'm still pretty sick (most of the week my cold has just been getting worse, improvement of any sort is heartening).

On the upside we had a fun valentines day. The kids enjoyed exchanging valentines at their preschools, and Cakes (my daughter) thought so much of my valentine to her that she hung it on her door. (It was a store bought card with an aristocat kitten that I thought that she would like) That tugged on my heartstrings. Cookie Monster and Superwoman enjoyed their cards too I think, and the kids loved the heart shaped pizza that we had for dinner.

Hope all of you had a safe and enjoyable Valentines Day.