Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm a lucky guy.

If you go over to Superwoman's, blog you can see the pictures of the kids and the pets that I never got around to posting. If you do, you may find out why I consider myself such a lucky guy.

BTW, I've been flat out sick for the past two weeks. Today I finally feel like a human again, well as close as I ever feel. (I still have a bit of a fever, cough and a really runny nose). This is good, because I've now missed about two weeks of work and school. I shudder to see the state of my desk when I get into work (I didn't exactly leave it in great shape) and I have a test (a big test) coming up in school next week. Whew! I've kept up on my homework, but that is about it. I can't wait to read some blogs and see what everyone is up too.

Happy Weekend!


Tug said...

You've got a great family we already knew! Good luck catching up on everything, & don't let it wear you down too much - that won't help with your recovery!

Scarlet said...

Welcome back Sush.

**You might want to lay a piece of cling film/sandwich wrap over the keyboard.

Mel said...

I loved those pictures, your family is gorgeous!

I am glad you are feeling better. This flu season has been bad all over !

Mel said...

How did it go at work yesterday? Hope it wasnt too bad!

Sushiboy said...

I made it. Then I came home and slept a long time. I'm still a bit sick. But its not bad enough to keep me from work and school activities now. I have a feeling the weekend coming weekend I'll sleep right through.

But anyway, its going good, I'm still caught up in school, and my professor thankfully moved the test scheduled this week to next week. Hooray!