Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weird Wednesday #19

Weird Hello Kitty Finds

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress

Hello Kitty X-Box
Hello Kitty X-Box

Hello Kitty Tarot Cards
Hello Kitty Tarot Cards

Hello Kitty Breath Tester
Hello Kitty Breath Tester (test to see of your breath smells good or bad)

Hello Kitty Goodbye exhuast
Hello Kitty Tail Pipe

Hello Kitty AR-16
Hello Kitty Assault Rifle


Scarlet said...

My daughter, Tiger, Loooooovvves Hello Kitty.

Sh even has me scouring eBay for the Gamecube game!!

Mel said...

hahahahahaha!!! How humiliating to be killed by that Uzi!

Leiandra said...

Possibly the more important question: Why were you looking for Hello Kitty Random stuff?

Sushiboy said...

Scarlet - I'm sure my daughter would love Hello Kitty, I haven't really gone out of my way to show it too her :). We have our hand full with princesses and Barbie.

Mel - I'm sure there are worse ways to go, I'm just not sure what they are :)

Leiandra - Thx for dropping by. How goes the WoW? I actually didn't start out looking for Hello Kitty pictures. I was looking for funny/weird pictures. I stumbled across the hello kitty rifle and got to wondering what other weird hello kitty stuff was out there.

Teri said...

all of it freaks me out, especially the wedding dress.