Friday, February 02, 2007

Post 100: Happy Groundhog day

Happy Groundhog day! Have you seen this movie? I love it because it is about me. Its about most of us really. Its about: being alive, being a jerk, how to get over being a jerk and how to find joy in life despite of the hardships it contains. I watched this movie about a week ago and fell in love with it all over again. Now I'm going to have to buy it. Hopefully I can find it for $5 or so.

Well the last few months have been crazy! I'm sorry that I have been ignoring my blog. I started this blog to become a better writer. I don't know how much I have improved in that area, but I have become a more confident writer. I used to be scared to death at the thought of anyone reading my writing. I started the blog becuase I knew no one would read it, and if they did they would be a complete stranger. I'm glad that a few of the complete strangers that have stumbled across my blog have become my freinds. Thanks for reading!

Many of you have requested post some photo's of the new house (in daylight). Well, here they are! Sorry I took so long to get them up.

This is a picure of the new living room on Christmas Eve.

The everyday look of the living room.

The dining area just off the kitchen.

Our Family/TV/Videogame Room

My favorite room, The Library. Its the room with all the junk in it right now, and it has been the slowest to get unpacked. Its starting to come together and I'm excited.

The back of the house. (you now know we have kids)

Winter view from the deck.

Well I hope the pictures were worth the wait. Superwoman and I are so happy to have a house of our own. By the way my first Blogaversary was Jan. 20th. I've been blogging for over a year now. Now I just need to learn to post more. Thanks again for reading!


Nobody said...

The pictures were well worth the wait. Looks like you guys have a great place, and love that view from the deck! We just have a view of more houses here, and even if those weren't there all we would see is corn, and sometimes beans.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nobody! We thought we wouldn't want such a big yard but this house was so perfect. We fell in love with the view and it shouldn't be obstructed any time since we're on a hill. The house is great too. We love all the room!

Teri said...

First of all, Happy Blogaversary!

Secondly, the pictures were worth the wait. Just lovely. I love the library as well. Looks cosy.

Tug said...

LOVE the view!! So the toys aren't yours? hee hee... NICE house!

I'm so very mad I can't find that movie on ANYWHERE tonight - guess I'll have to buy it, Bill Murray. What about Bob?

Zed said...

What a great place! I love the snow off the deck and the mountains in the distance. Beautiful! And the fireplace, how great is that? Thanks so much for posting pictures (finally)!

I just want to say that I've been an editor for over twenty years and your writing is fine. No, beyond fine. Don't ever be afraid to write, Sushiboy--in fact I encourage you to do more. You write very well indeed.

Zed said...

oh, forgot to say, Groundhog Day is one of my all-time favorite movies. It's dumb, but it teaches a good lesson; and Bill Murray's perfect as the obnoxious newscaster.

Thanks for the reminder, Sushiboy!

SushiBoy said...

Nobody- Thx, this house was perfect for us, we put an offer on it right after we saw it.

Teri- Thank you too! Happy Birthday! Hope the house settlements go through soon.

Tug- My tricycle is a bit bigger then the one in the picture. I still haven't found Groundhog day on DVD, but I'm sure I'll find it.

Zed- Your compliments meant a lot to me. (Sorry the pictures took so long). We enjoy the fireplace too!

Scarlet said...

Lovely. Really is a beautiful house.

Do the kids find it hard to dance with the dance mat on the wall?? They must be very good!

SushiBoy said...

Scarlet - Thx, well since the kids are usually bouncing off the walls anyway, I thought I would give them something constructive to do in the process. LOL

Jen said...

Great house!

Happy Blogaversary

Mom of Three said...

Wow. Your house looks like it was move-in ready. We live in a construction zone and I can't even imagine such order in so many rooms!

Anonymous said...

Mom of three- the house kind of had to be move in ready. Sushiboy is not a huge fixer upper. But there are things that do need to be fixed, we need a new kitchen floor and we need a fan in the upstairs bathroom and we need new doors to replace the sliding glass ones in the back and we need new windows in the back. But, what can you expect when the house is almost 30 years old? We love it though. Thanks!