Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Field Trip #4

Tetons as seen from Rexburg IdahoLast week Superwoman were up in Eastern Idaho for the burial of Superwoman's grandma. Grandma was an amazing lady. 90 years old. 8 children and 54 grandkids. Many many great-grandkids. My favorite thing about her wasn't the size of her family, but the size of her heart. Amazing, Amazing woman. But I digress. It was a beautiful service held in a beautiful part of the world.

I would love to retire in Eastern or Central Idaho. I haven't picked a place yet, I'd like the place I retire to be pretty rural, and you never know what areas will be urbanized in the next 30 to 40 years. As a rule I don't like cities, or urban life much at all. Sure, its nice to live close to a swanky sushi joint, and to be near the shopping, but those conveniences just don't match living in the country. I love seeing the twinkling stars light years away. To breath air that smells like alpine rivers and evergreens. To wake up to the sound of a morning breeze flitting through the trees. To hear a birds melody, and the babble of a cool mountain stream. It is unbelievable, you have to experience to understand it. I can think of no better way to spend my twilight years than here, writing, reading, cooking and enjoying a beautiful setting.

The Middle Fork of the Salmon RiverObviously I could go on, but I won't. Just let me hit some of the high points of this beautiful area. The The Salmon River (The River of No Return, I learned to fish on a tributary of this river), Island Park, The Snake River, Targhee National Forest, St. Anthony Sand Dunes, Ernest Hemingway Memorial (and the area he loved around Ketchum ID), Not to mention the best Potatoes around. And that is just the tip of the glacier.

I visited this area a lot as a child. I enjoy it when we get the opportunity to visit it now, even if its for a funeral, and I'd love to live out my golden years here. Hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to take some tasty wild trout, and a sack of potatoes home with you.


Mel said...

I'll take some potatoes please!! Although I shouldnt, I am a carboholic.

Sorry about your wife's grandma, she sounds like an awesome woman!

Tug said...

90 My condolences to you and Superwoman, truly.

54 grandkids about gave be a heart attack - LOL.

I lived in Emmett, Idaho (out of Boise) for a year, and it was nice. Kind of close to a lot, even though I didn't get out much. Big surprise, I know. BUT, one of the girls I worked with had lived in CA, HI,OR...had researched weather, jobs, EVERY.THING. and picked Emmett as "the spot". If ever you're interested, let me know - our company also has real estate people there.

Beautiful picture!

Nobody™ said...

I'm very sorry about Superwoman's grandma.

I've lived in a large city, a town that was 100 miles from nowhere but was a large vacation area so lots of people, and now a town of 6,000 people. I used to miss city life, but where we are now isn't so bad at all. All the advantages of small town living, and we are 25 miles one way and 45 miles the other way to some cities that have most anything we would need. Perfect..

Teri said...

It looks like the most relaxing, peaceful place. Plus the potatoes, I love potatoes.

Sushiboy said...

Mel- Ah, potatoes aren't bad, its everything we put on them which makes them unhealthy.

Tug- I've been out in the Boise Area. Its nice. I have family in Kuna, and Superwoman has family in Nampa and Caldwell. Superwoman and I make a yearly visit out there to see everyone. I can't recall if I have been to Emmett or not (thats North West of Boise right?) It sounds familiar, I probably visited when I was a small child, but don't remember it. We'll have to drop by next summer when we visit.

Nobody- The town I live in is around 15,000. Its about a 25 minute drive to the main shopping areas. It still has that small town feel, although I don't know how long it will keep it. It has some bigger stores coming in next couple of years.

Teri- Its really nice. Out there you can grow all the potatoes you can eat in a vegetable garden (albeit a fairly large one). And the homegrown potatoes are really good.

All - Thx for the condolences for Superwoman's grandma, she was a great woman and will be missed.

Superwoman said...

thanks for all the condolances. She is much happier where she is and she has been wanting to go for a few years so we are happy for her. We will miss her a lot though. and yes, I do have TONS of cousins over 100 between both sides!