Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Warcrack strikes again

Meet Bratwurst. He is my alter ego, and in many ways my opposite. I'm tall and lanky, he is short and stout. I'm sober, he's a dwarf. I try to make peace, he enjoys battle. We share many of the same motivations, and like to do good things for other people, and have a fun time in doing so.
I've spent way to much time guiding Bratwurst through the magical land of Azeroth. We have battled evil. Freed many lands of curses and taints. Liberated slaves and punished evildoers. Its been a fun time.

Tonight an expansion was realeased for the game. Dadguy, myself and a few other friends waited in line until midnight to get our hands on the expansion. Now Bratwurst and I have a whole new world to explore. Hopefully I will find plenty of time to continue living in the real world.

Wish me luck. I don't call it warcrack for nothing!