Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog...

There has been plenty of blog worthy stuff going on. Just haven't had the drive to post any of it. Superwoman has posted some of the interesting goings on, go check it out if you feel the urge.

Most of my spare time in the past couple of weeks I've tried to spend in bed sleeping. Last semester was a titch difficult. I think it finally caught up to me. I seem to have a mild cold I just can't seem to shake and I'm tired most of the time. (whine whine whine. I'll shut up now)

In other news, Where did you go, Truckingdude? Hopefully you'll be around even though your blog doesn't seem to be anymore. Hope all is ok.


Tug said...

Take it easy...get some well deserved rest & enjoy your family!

Midleah said...

You have kids, and still get to sleep?

You are truly blessed!

Sushiboy said...

Tug - Thx. I'll try!

Midleah - Yah, I am. I go to bed about the same time as the kids lately. They usually sleep pretty well. When they were babies/toddlers , well that is a different story.

I'd better store up sleep now. With the baby coming in November/December I'm sure I'm going to be sleep deprived.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Hey SushiBoy. I know how you feel about going to bed and resting. I had the same thing happen to me right after school got out. I was down for a week.

As for Trkndude, he deleted his blog. He just didn't feel like he had enough time to keep it up. But you can still chat with him through me. And he may still "guest post" at my place. I will tell him about your post. I'm sure he will drop by.


trkndude299 said...

Hi S.B.

I'm still out here checking out things from time to time. (meaning when I have decent signal to check blogs.)

I'm sorry, but I just decided that the blog thing was not for me. Too little time, too little patience for wireless dial up speeds.
And waaay too little creativity.

In all honesty, when i had time to blog I had little, to no wireless signal.
Believe it when I say there are slower speeds than dial up!
I know, I have fallen asleep several times on my keyboard waiting for a page to load.

I thank you for the inspiration, but it (inspiration) doesn't fit well in the world I work in.

Hey, as for your post: my dad lives on very little sleep a day. Always has. He once told me he didn't sleep for five days in a row in Vietnam.
His belief / motto is, I can sleep all I want when I'm dead!
I've heard this numerous times; sleep? that's for dirt eaters.

Pardon my poor attempt at humor please.

I've tried his remedy, but color me lacking, because I like to get 6 hours of naptime a day.
I know, I'm such a slacker!

Peace Out Man.

La Crabcuracha said...

Semester? Are you teaching or taking classes. I'm taking classes and it wears me OUT.

Sushiboy said...

HG - When I was a kid, I didn't think anyone looked forward to the summer break more than I did. Now I'm pretty sure the teachers look forward to it even more.

TD - Cool glad you still be around from time to time. My cousin is a trucker and he uses Idle Air for his internet while he is stopped. I have no idea how widely available it is or how expensive it is. (He is single and has no overhead other than his truck lease and food).

LaC- Taking. Trying to finish up that Bachelors I started 10 years ago. I am a part time student and a full time employee. I try to fit being a husband and dad in the gaps. (and sleep)

Mel said...

I dont know how you do it all!! And a baby on the way too! Yup you better sleep now while you can :)