Monday, July 07, 2008


I like pinball.

I'd like to build a machine, like this table,

Cabin Fever

Or this one,

Coconut Island

I have 3 problems however:

Time - I have none of that.

Money - Sadly I think I may have more money than time (and I don't have much money).

Space - If you have a pinball table, it should be seen and played (especially if you built it), I don't know where I would put a pinball machine.

Despite these (HUGE) drawbacks, I think I'm going to give it a shot. Maybe I can get a professor at school to sign off on it as a Senior project. Maybe not.

We'd like something that looks at good as the top table (video), but a little more complicated (probably still less complicated than the bottom one) for our first foray into pinball engineering.

Currently we are trying to design a table using Future Pinball.

Maybe I should just play golf instead. Who knows?


DadGuy said...

I am looking forward to the attempt.

I think you guys can get something playable going. Should be a lot of fun as well. =)

But I reserve the right to say I told you so. ;)

Sushiboy said...

You can only say I told you so, if you make a firm affirmation that we will go down in flames. Otherwise, you can only say, I suspected as much.

DadGuy said...

Okay then.

I think you will get something that is somewhat funtional.

I think that you will both enjoy the experience and tinkering with stuff.

I think what you build will never be as much fun as a pin you buy.

How's that? heh

Mel said...

thats sounds like a great hobby...good luck!

La Crabcuracha said...

I cant even put together a book shelf

groovyoldlady said...

We used to have a computer video game that allowed to design and "play" (virtually, of course) any number of pinball games.

It lacked a bit in color and sound, but it was free.

Maybe you can build a real one and recoup the money by having friends over with rolls of quarters to see if they can top that high score. Who knows, this might even become a new career field for you!