Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Facebook killed the blogging star.

The blogosphere has become a lonely place.  Blame Facebook I guess.  Anybody else getting a little tired of Facebook?

I was reading today about how they (Facebook Execs and academics) were messing with the number of positive or negative posts that would appear in your feed.  Then they would monitor whether or not you would follow the crowd and post in kind to what you were shown.  I think that's kind of sick.  Why mess with people's heads? How many people logged on to receive a pick me up from their friends and instead were shown a bunch of negative junk?  Jerk move.

I miss reading a post more than 3 lines long (or 140 characters).  I miss reading posts that were well thought out, and had substance to them.  Even if I disagreed with them,  at least I could understand where someone was coming from.  I miss thinking about something and telling people about it instead of 'sharing' the thoughts of someone else.   I miss blogging.

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