Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Thanksgiving Treat from Dr. Mom

For winning the mystery, Dr. Mom has kindly agreed to bless us with one of her excellent posts! Enjoy!

By Dr. Mom

As some of you know, I live in Cul-de-Sac, just off the Original Wisteria Lane in the home that looks like a Castle. However, once upon a time, I actually lived in the frozen tundra called MinneSnowta.

Now, Sushiboy and Superwoman were smart enough to move to a land that actually has some landscape rather than to MinneSnowta. Smart move! I’ll be it was Superwoman’s idea all along, wasn’t it? Smart woman, however, she doesn’t spend nearly enough time in Cul-de-Sac controlling Sushiboy. Come for Sunday Tea, we’ll talk dear!

So, Sushiboy has graciously invited me to his domain to provide a guest post. As I understand it, the crux of this blog is food—I choose to disregard the Samurais portion as it just has no meaning or importance to me, and I am what matters! Therefore, I will take the liberty of introducing you to foods common to native MinneSnowtans.

First there is the infamous Lutefisk, pronounced Lu-te-fisk (just figure it out). This is a food brought to MinneSnowta by our Nordic ancestors from areas of Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Lutefisk is made from air-dried cod, which is soaked in cold water for nearly a week before one places it in a lye bath for another two days. If you ever wanted a serious enema, this is the way to go! This recipe is guaranteed to keep any unwanted relatives or solicitors from your door for approximately 30 days.

Hotdish, a hearty MinneSnowtan tradition. One may consider hotdish to be one of a variety of casserole dishes. Hotdish is a staple at traditional family gatherings, weddings, funerals, and a great many social gatherings. In, MinneSnowta, most gormet hotdishes include one secret ingredient, a can Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup. Families will safeguard hotdish recipes for generations and some Swedish grandmothers actually take their secret recipes to their graves (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

Wild Rice is a very common ingredient found in a number of hotdish recipes and creamy MinneSnowtan soups. Many fine restaurants in MinneSnowta serve wild rice main dishes and as a side dish to garnish a beautifully prepared prime rib or tenderloin. MinneSnowtans have harvested wild rice near one of the 10,000 lakes for centuries. Guaranteed to provide the bulk and fiber required to keep you regular.

So, here is a start on MinneSnowtan foods. I have one of two challenges for Sushiboy’s readers, should you be man enough to accept,

1. Submit your favorite lutefisk, hotdish, or wild rice recipe
2. Submit your favorite lutefisk, hotdish, or wild rice experience (remember embellishment gains favor)

We will have a vote at the end of the week for the best recipe or story!

Mmmmm… now that’s good eatin’!


Sans Pantaloons said...

Excellent Guest post from Doctor Mom!
Luckily I have an aversion to lutefisk, hotdish and rice gained by my ancestors from battling Viking and Nordic invaders many centuries ago.
Still can't guess the mystery though...

Teri said...

Blech! I will steer clear of this Minnsnowta you speak of. Sounds like a HORRID place.

Nobody said...

Hey, I spent 6 years living in Minnesnowta, and I never at any of that stuff. Thank God!

And since it is Thanksgiving, I'll add that not only did I live in Minnesnowta, but in the city there that claims to be the turkey capitol of the world.

SushiBoy said...

Wow, not only did we get a great post from Dr. Mom. We also got a clue into Nobody's identity and mysterious past! Thats something to be thankful for!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I like Pez. Pez and Snapple.

Nobody said...

Snapple rocks.

Doctor Mom said...

Nobody-- apparently you weren't in MinneSnowta long enough to experience TaterTot hotdish?

Teri-- Blech, is far too kind. Ever smell a dead animal doused in lye and roasted over an open fire in your bathroom? Well, that would be lutefisk

Fab-- Stick with the Pez and Snapple. I prefer the Casper the Friendly Ghost Pez myself

Snapple only rocks if you get the tea-- the rest is just "ok"

SushiBoy said...

I used to like "Mystic" that enjoyed some success at the height of snapples heyday. Peach Vanilla was the best!

Zed said...

Lutefisk? Are you trying to kill me??

(Great job, Doctor Mom!!)

Doctor Mom said...

Hmmmmm.... no lutefisk stories and no wildrice recipes

What shall we vote on then?

SushiBoy said...

Perhaps peoples worst experiences with Lutefisk :)