Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Line's Foley

The world is full of idiots, thank goodness most of them flock to Hollywood leaving the world mostly unscathed. But occasionally a group get together and screw something up so badly that even I can't ignore it.

New Line studios has fired Peter Jackson!

Yes the creator of the 3 best movies to come out of Hollywood in years is canned. The reason? No word yet. But I'd be surprised if it isn't about the court case in which Wingnut Films is suing New Line. The basic gist of the case, Peter Jackson's company is promised a percentage of the gross profits from the 3 films. The Films gross a very larg sum (well into the billions). The money payed out to Wingnut is well less than what the percentage promised. Wingnut films has New Line audited to see what owed. New Line has used "shady accounting" to mask it's profits. Wingnut sues. New Line fires Jackson and company shortly after. New Line execs prove their diminished mental capacity in spectacular fashion.

I hereby nominate the Execs over at New Line for the infamous "Idiot of the Week" award as voted on in the cul-de-sac. They deserve it.

Edit: I thought I should clarify that Peter Jackson actually was never an employee of New Line. What I mean by "fired" is that New Line is going to make the Hobbit with out Peter Jackson as the Producer and Director. Bad Move.


SushiBoy said...

Teri said: those %#$#@#$s!

Teri - I agree whole-heartedly. I can't beleive how crooked the movie industry can be. (Well a lot of big industries)

Doctor Mom said...

Sushiboy-- This is a GREAT nomination! We'll be resuming the voting next week and will include as candidates.

We're letting folks take the week off from their voting obligations to be with their families.

I'm just kinda nice that way :)

To you, your family and all of those in Sushiland, I wish you a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!!

Teri said...

sorry for the cussing.

but, come on, the man's a GENIUS and a great movie maker. They're idiots and should have kept him on because they would have made them boat loads of money.

SushiBoy said...

My mom used to say, "Thats like spending a dollar to save 5 cents." I think this describes the situation perfectly. (although New Line is going to blow more that just a buck for this mistake)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I agree. It's inconceivable!