Monday, March 19, 2007

Another MeMe Monday (I wish it were Sunday...)

Tagged by Tug.

So I don't listen to your everyday music. I like the club music from Europe, in particular I really like trance. I got into this way back in the early ninties when I heard Justified and Ancient by the KLF on the radio. The lyrics were nuts but I couldn't get the song out of my head, I loved it. I didn't know the genre was called 'trance' until 1998-1999 when I discovered that most the music I like fits into this profile. Not your everyday American, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

In no particular order.
  • What If - Ronny V. Featuring Nanda: This cut is out of the Netherlands and is my favorite song at the moment.

  • Nothing but You - Paul Van Dyk: Airy Dreamy and smooth track. Great vocals with no lyrics to get in the way of the mood and the song. The video is chiché, sorry.

  • Secret Love - Ian Van Dahl: Ian is better known for her breakout hit Castles in the sky. I like most all of her stuff, this is the track I keep coming back to lately.

  • Queen of My Heart - DJ Irene: This lady is crazy but the song is cool. (its the third one down in the player list) I don't condone anything on her site or anything she has to say. But the song is cool.

  • Light - Benassi Brothers: I just like it. Sorry I couldn't find a full version.

  • Ready Steady Go - Paul Oakenfold: This song is impossible not to like (third song down in the player)

  • Turn it Around - 4 Strings: About a year ago I was coming out of a really rough patch of my life. Superwoman was really loving, patient and encouraging to me. When I hear this song it always reminds me of Superwoman encouraging me and supporting me through this period and helping me out of the funk.

Well this post took me two days to complete, so its now Meme tuesday :). Ohwell, enjoy the music.


Tug said...

This has to be one of my favorite tags I've ever played - I get to check out new music! LOVE your choices, & had not heard ONE before today.

Thanks for playing SushiBoy!!

teri said...

I love your choices. I like this kind of music as well but usually when I'm working out because of the fast beat.

It seems people are usually into the obscure bands and half of the groups I've never even heard of.

I've heard of Paul Oakenfeld, though.

Scarlet said...

KLF have another classic called "3am Enternal"

Absolutely BRILL!

SushiBoy said...

I'm a big fan of anything of the the White room. Good album. Last train) to trancendental(sp?) is good to.