Thursday, March 29, 2007

Haiku ala Zed

Zed, where have you gone?
Your blog is quiet. No fun.
No Parties. Come Back!


Nobody™ said...

As Butch said, "Zed's dead, baby, Zed's dead."

Jen said...

she left us

Doctor Mom said...

You know, she just does this sometimes longer than others. She's a free spirit--

She'll be back, you just wait and see!

Hey, Nice Cookie Sushiboy!

SushiBoy said...

Welcome back Dr. Mom! I was going to post on your blog today, but wordsmith is being picky and doesn't seem to want to let me log in today :P.

Teri said...

I think she vanished. I tried to email her and the email bounced back.

*sobbing* where are you, sis???

Doctor Mom said...

Hey Sushi--
The Fab stopped by my place and made a few repairs. Should be fine now.

How are things at the new house?
Supergirl and the kidlets doing well?

Doctor Mom said...

And you are where??

SushiBoy said...

I'm MIA. I'll be back soon.

Doctor Mom said...

Ok-- I, of all people, totally get it.

Let me know if there is anything I can do-- but at least stop by to vote this weekend!

Doctor Mom said...

That's enought now Sushi-- it's time to see another post.

Just post a picture and we'll come back to comment on it.

Ok-- I'll decide. Let's see a recent picture of the house and changes you have made since moving in last fall


Doctor Mom said...

That's right-- you were doing taxes. I'll give you a break.

By Monday you can post a photo :)

Doctor Mom said...

I need you to come by and leave a caption for Wordless Wednesday please!!

Otherwise Scarlet will win again!

Hope all is well with you and the family

Nobody™ said...

Uhm, Sushi? Where the heck are you? Did you run off to find Zed? Do I need to send someone by to kick you towards the computer? I can do that, you know.

Oh, and I ate some sushi on Tuesday night. I didn't like it.

SushiBoy said...

Nobody- I didn't make it, thats why you didn't like it.

Nobody™ said...

I liked the sushi I had in Vegas!

If I ever make it to Utah I'll come over for sushi.

SushiBoy said...

Please do!