Friday, March 21, 2008

Its 3 A.M. and I'm not sleeping.

I was up till 3 this morning trying to get a computer program done for school. I'm glad it's Friday, I think I'll sleep in tomorrow, maybe play some golf or mess around on the Wii.


Anonymous said...

All that hard work will pay off.

Get some rest, and have a great weekend!

Oh, I'd like to get on board with the Friday Field Trip ring; will you be posting about it if it gets going again?

Sushiboy said...

I hope it will pay off, at the very least I'm learning a lot.

I've been meaning to post a FFT myself. Just haven't had the time. I need to get more on it. If you want I can add you now. Or I can actually put some time into it (dunno where I'm gonna find it) then let you know. :)

Thx for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Don't add to your workload; just pencil me in and I'll follow your lead when the time comes.

Happy Easter!

Just Dave said...

Sounds like a great plan. You just have to have one day a week where you do just what you want to do

Scarlet said...

Why not play golf on the Wii?

Sushiboy said...

Whoo, the weekend is over already? Yesterday (monday) I spent 16 hours straight programming for school and work, I'm ready for another weekend already!

Just Dave - Well said, Saturday can't come soon enough.

Scarlet - Advice taken, I played a little Tiger Woods Golf last Saturday.