Friday, May 16, 2008


Did you ever feel like you really wanted to post, but any every idea you have for a post doesn't seem good enough?


Tug said...

LOL. Sorry, didn't mean to laugh, but yeah - that's each & every post I do Sushi. Don't overthink it - we come by because we like YOU.

Nobody™ said...

Dude, you have read my blog, haven't you? I mean, you just described that piece of crap.

trkndude299 said...

Hey, welcome to my world. I live a totally dreadful, boring, hyperbole infested existence. (sp)
My draft section sees more input than my blog.

Yup, I feel your e-pain, or b-pain.
I wish to be a worldly, intellectually cognizant, blogger, but all I can focus on is ... blah.

So yeah, I feel your dilemma / blog pain.

Just Dave said...

All the time, my friend, all the time.

DadGuy said...

You know, ym problem doesn't seem to be content, it's the effort required to explain the bizzare world I live in that's all in my head.