Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The funeral and work.

The funeral was a bit exhausting. We drove around 24 hours in two days time, but the services were good, and worth all the driving. We dropped off the kids with my cousin and his wife. Big Grizz and Big Sis' rode in the van with Superwoman and I. I'm sure they are sick of us by now.

I missed work Monday and I'm trying to make up hours so I don't have to work very much on Saturday. Not what I had in mind to do with my vacation from school, but again, going to the funeral was worth it.

I haven't unloaded my camera, so pictures will have to wait. My Grandmother and Grandfather (on my mothers side) ran a ranch in the high country of Idaho near Salmon Idaho and the Montana border. It is beautiful up there, even though the weather can be harsh. It's been more than a decade since I have been up there and it was nice to go back.

I took my final for Stats Thursday of last week. I'm a little nervous that I didn't do as well as I would like and that I will no longer have a 4.0 Grade Point Average. Its nice having the class out of the way, but I hate waiting for the results.


Tug said...

I'm glad you had a safe trip and made it home all right...good luck with your grades!

BigSister said...

We are never tired of your company! We are tired of riding though. You are right though, it was worth it. Love ya and I'm sure you did awesome on your exam final.

groovyoldlady said...

I was worried for a minute...I thought you were going to wow us with photos of the funeral.

Sushiboy said...

Tug - Thanks!

BigS- I'm was so sick of looking at lines of the road. Ugh!

Groovy- No I took pictures of the countryside and some family, but no pictures of corpses, coffins or other such morbality would reside on my camera or the blog. :)