Monday, October 27, 2008


I haven't worked on my pinball design since the summer. I don't know if I'll ever get it done. I guess the treadmill project snuck in and took the pinball project's place.


Nobody™ said...

You idiot! Why didn't you combine the pinball and treadmill projects?

(wanders off to design a pinball treadmill)

Sushiboy said...

N- I think it is because the combined project would have been around 16 feet long. :) I don't have that much space. But it is a good idea. you should patent it. When I'm rich and have a lot more floorspace that will definitely be in the works.

teri said...

I think you and Mr. Nobody should get together. Can you imagine the stuff you two could come up with?

Sushiboy said...

Yah we should, but he always schedules his Vegas trips around his schedule not mine :( so I never get to see him when he is out this way.


I guess I could always head out to East Undershirt. Do you have any hotels that aren't flooded out up there Nobody?

Nobody™ said...

That would be a bit big.. I don't have that sort of space either.

No more Vegas trips for me, last year was the end. I ran out of money.

There's three hotels that are dry right here in Easy Undy, and lots more in the cities. Come on up!