Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Exercise Entertainment Center

I'm writing this from my new treadmill/computer set up. I first mentioned this crazy idea in a previous post. Well I have the guts of it together, and while it isn't pretty, it is functional.

A couple of observances.

Typing and walking at the same time is not as difficult as I thought it would be.

Typing and walking cuts my wpm in about half.

I can walk 2 miles an hour indefinitely.

I am still very out of shape.

I probably look like the worlds biggest dork as I do this.

My old keyboard needs cleaned

I used to swear by CRT's now I think I like my flat screen lcd's better.

Here are some pictures.

Treadmill/Computer Station 2

Treadmill/Computer Station


Anonymous said...

I want one!

Leiandra said...

Ha Ha Ha! That's awesome, man. Are you going to run around all of Northrend that way?

Nobody™ said...

that's a great idea, I should make one. I have a spare LCD monitor, several computers and laptop, a treadmill. I really have no excuse NOT to make one. Except then I'd have to exercise.

Tug said...

I love it! You should totally patent that.

BigSister said...

I'll have to come over and try it out. Looks like a sweet set-up.

Sushiboy said...

ML - I'll be posting how I went about putting this together shortly, then you can make one too!

L - Yes. I plan on hoofing if for most of my wow playing from here on out. That should keep me warm in Northrend, w00t.

N - Yah, exercise I don't like doing it, but if I don't overdo it, I like how I feel after.

T - I wish it was my idea. If it was I would patent it in a heartbeat.

BigS - How does this weekend sound?

teri said...


But is this where you will play all your WOW time?

teri said...

sorry, didn't read your post where you mentioned this IS where you will be doing all your WOW time.

At least you'll get in shape, right? Do you plan to become anorexic in the process?

Sushiboy said...

No anorexia isn't for me. LOL :) While I'm only slightly over an ideal weight, I'm not exactly healthy. I didn't mind gaining a little weight, but 30 lbs in the last year is not a trend I would like to continue. It all went to my belly area, and I have started feeling quite sluggish. I'd like to maintain my weight and distribute it around a bit, and I'd like a higher energy level. My goal isn't to lose a ton of weight (or any really), just to get healthy.

Thursday (last) night is my big WOW night of the week. I played for 3.5 hours. 2.5 I spent walking. But I started getting sore and I didn't want to be in pain today, so I stopped walking after 5 miles. Tuesday, I was spent after 90 minutes and 3 miles. Amazing how the body can adapt in such short periods.

Amy said...

This is brilliant.

Scarlet said...

Yep, you were right. Dorky!

But at least you're giving it a go.
Well done.

So is the typing measured as Words Per Minute or Words per Mile?

whall said...

I've been dreaming of a system like this for my elliptical but never spent the time to put it together. I end up using my blackberry most of the time but it's actually more difficult.

Sushiboy said...

Whall - Its definitely worth the time in the end. I ended up buying a few parts.... then letting everything sit for a couple weeks. Working on those, then buying a few more components, followed by more sitting. But once I got through it all it sure is nice to have done.