Monday, February 02, 2009


Shoes are in danger.Remember how we have* to juggle our shoes every-time we get on a plane? (off then on, then off again cause the guard wasn't paying attention, then on, then off one more time cause they didn't get a good look for the first two times) That was the suck. I like shoes. Especially when it is cold, or when the sidewalk is hot. Bending over trying to take them off whilst juggling luggage and 2 computer bags wasn't fun either. And it was all down to one idiot terrorist and his shoe bomb.

Why then are the idiots of the world conspiring against us shoe wearing people again? Taking heart from the Idiot-Iraqi-Wingtip-Lobbing-Wanker a British protester pitched his oxford at the Chinese Premier. Pretty soon people are going to be chucking their shoes at singers and athletes. It is a disturbing trend.

If idiots keep this up I can see shoes being banned from all public gathering places. Imagine going to the ball park and having to take off your shoes! Although the sticky soda and beer soaked bleachers would be unpleasant in bare feet or socks, I shudder at the mere idea of attempting to use a public male restroom w/o that quarter inch of rubber protecting my feet from those of poor aim, and I don't want to hold it through triple overtime.

So do us all a favor. Keep your shoes on people! If, by chance, you see someone about to toss their moldy shoe at someone. Take a split second to think of the horror of using a public restroom without the benefit of shoes, or of sitting enjoying a concert in socks as the slob behind you spills his coke and it forms a river between your toes, when that time comes you'll know what to do. Block their arm, punch them in their nose, taser them if you have to. Do NOT allow idiots to throw their shoes, even if you detest the intended target. The hallowed practice of donning footwear supersedes any political agenda or social statement. Help me protect it.

This has been a sushiboy-public-service-announcement.
*(edit: tense change. Nobody asked the question if we still have to take them off in the airport. There is new technology that can scan shoes without removing them. But we still have to take off shoes, for now...)


HoosierGirl5 said...

You are so silly!

What size do you wear? I would like to send you a pair of orange tennies!


Anonymous said...

Being hippie-ish, I hate wearing shoes, but I have to agree with this post.

Maybe we can start a fad...let's throw socks!

G'ma Nasus said...

RIGHT ON! I'm with you. Amen.

Sushiboy said...

HG: Nine and a half's. Post was half silly half serious. Throwing shoes just isn't original anymore.

Midleah: socks works, maybe we could just wear really smelly socks and stand in the crowd below the people who annoy us. Passive aggressive at it's most aggressive. LOL jk. I'm not good for much more than a rant on the blog.

Nasus: Great lets start a movement! hehheh

Nobody™ said...

Do we still have to take our shoes off at the airport? Been awhile since I've flown, but I have a trip next month.

Sushiboy said...

In the states you still have to take your shoes off (BLECH!) In Asia they have some shoe scanner technology so that fliers don't have to remove their shoes. Hopefully we'll see that in the states soon. Saved by technology!

BigSister said...

lol! Right on brother. I like shoes in the winter to keep my poor feet warm and in public because they match the outfit and protect. Other than that I am a bare foot kind of person. but you knew that.

groovyoldlady said...

I've got the solution: See a loser? Throw SUSHI at them!

trkndude299 said...

Dang, what a subject.

I havent been on a plane at all recently, but I can surely feel your shoeless pain!

The last time I was in a airport you pretty much had to strip to the layer that was just atop your underwear, sans shoes too.

I thought the whole ordeal was quite silly, considering that those scanner machines pretty much strip you electronically naked anyways.

Dale said...

I'm going to wear them everywhere including bed now!

I thought you'd like to know that Jen's card with your excellent additions made it my way today.

karen said...

I agree, and might I say I laughed out loud whilst reading it!!