Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm still alive.

The semester ends a week from Wednesday, don't know how much I'll write before then. Kids are cute, the Superwoman is great, I'm a grump lately. Me being a grump is all my own fault (I think). Knowing this, I still haven't been able to shake myself out of my bad mood, DOH! :(. Can't wait for this semester to be over.


Hoosier Girl said...

Yay! Sushiboy is alive and kicking! Hang in there....the end is in sight!!!


Anonymous said...

Uh-Dude, you're giving me an inferiority complex. I'm actually feeling like I belong next to the bark on a tree, in that I'm such a slug / slacker.
Your accomplishments are to be commended. Seriously!
You have done well Obi-Wan. The force is definitely strong with you. I think it is time to sit back and reflect on just what you were able to accomplish under stresses that would wilt mere Jedi.
You have persevered. You have overcome. be.................reckoned...................with
Own it like you earned it dude. (I would-humbly of course).
You have done very well my friend. It is completely acceptable to have done well. You have actually done better than-well.
I'm always telling HoosierGirl that the proof is in the puddin.
I think it's time to put the Nilla Wafers on the Naner, naner, naner Puddin, say a grace for those who kept you afloat in your times of duress and simply enjoy what simple satisfaction just plain ole Naner Puddin brings to us.
Yup. Time to say the proof is in the Puddin-for you!

Sushiboy said...

thx you two, I'm glad for for the people that keep me afloat. Thanks for the kind words.

Mmmmm nanner puddin *drools*

Sans Pantaloons said...

I used to be a grump, but I passed all the exams and progressed to a curmudgeon.

Nobody™ said...

Happy Birthday!

Tug said...

Happy Happy SushiDay!! Have a wonderful year...AFTER you kick school in the BUTT!! Hang in there, you can see the light at the end of that tunnel now!