Monday, June 29, 2009

This Blog Isn't Nerdy Enough

I'm spending my break from school learning stuff I actually want to learn. Nerdy, but that's the way I roll.

I started a blog so I could keep track of everything I'm doing/learning. It's pretty in depth, it's very nerdy and reading it will probably make your head hurt. But if your Pocket Protector is thick enough to contain the overwhelming geekiness going on over there, you just may enjoy it.

Sushiboy's Cocoa & iPhone Development. Don't say I didn't warn you. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer vacation.

After 22 months of straight of trying to work full time and go to school, I finally get a break. 2 months of 40 hours weeks sounds like heaven.

Who knows I may actually have energy to post here and there now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Check him out

Check me out
Check out the latest shots of Tank


A great article I found today. Check it out. Read a few paragraphs past the title, you'll be glad you did.

Monday, June 08, 2009


So... I had a good laugh when my fellow bloggers posted their Starbucks horror stories. You know, the stories where one suffers in line as the tremendously stupid/arrogant/rude/self-absorbed/all-of-the-above person takes an ice-age to order a coffee. Hahahahaha HAH, it was all very funny when it was happening to someone else!

So... Today I was standing in line for a dose of pre-exam (aka post all-nighter) grease-bombs, and to my horror I hear something like this: "I'll have a double mocha meltdown, triple expresso, quadruple shot of hazelnut, vanilla, cappuccino. On ice, but still piping hot. With no creamer, because its all artificial and stuff, and I drive a hybrid SUV. It gets 15 miles to the gallon instead of 6. I'm so totally green."

At first I thought I was suffering from post-all-nighter-fatigue. (I'm not as young as I used to be) Then blearily I peered around. I saw a sign that said McCafe, and a whole row of coffee fixins, and the bleach blond bimbo who ordered it. No this couldn't be a dream. If it was one of my dreams it wouldn't have been a McCafe, but something crazy like a McDope which vended McMeth(amphetamines) now brewed with Genuine NyQuil Brand Cough Syrup. And there wouldn't have been a bleach blond, I only dream about redheads (well a particular redhead that is). So this definitely wasn't a dream. The next thought to cross my mind was.....


I decided to stick it out. Yes, I know its stupid to pay for lard laden food that will give me cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, prostate pulsations, colon clusters and ED. I know it is even more obscenely stupid to stand in line behind a Bleach-Blond-Bimbo ordering Coffee like she is Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex In The City.

"It can't get any worse than this," I tell myself, "the worst is over, she's ordered and soon I'll have my dollar-menu hash-browns and biscuits and I'll be out of here." But the worst wasn't over. Not even close.

Bleach-Blond-Bimbo: "So, did I get it right? Isn't that, like, totally, Sarah Jessica Parker's favorite coffee in Sex In The City?"

Underpaid Cashier: "Uh... I guess it depends on the season."

BBB: *smacks forehead* "DUH, I totally forgot. I totally meant season five."

UC: "Uh... I think you got it mostly right, but I don't think piping hot coffee can be on the rocks. Uh... I think you got the winter version and the summer version mixed up."

BBB: *looks confused, the confusion so thick you can see it through the back of a huge hair-sprayed coif of hair* "errr... I can't remember, stop making me think so hard, like my head feels like it will literally (said lit-really) explode."

UC: *looks worried that her head really will explode and the stupid will rub off* "Uh... so that will be one Season Five. Uh... Cold or Hot?"

BBB: "I think I want a season Three now."

UC: "Uh.... a black, triple raspberry, crushed ice, triple creamer, hold the coffee?"

BBB: "Yah..."

UC: *Looking worried again* "Uh... we don't sell McFlurries during breakfast."


UC: *Positively terrified now* "Uh.... howabout a season 4?"

BBB: "A vanilla, expresso, with a double shot of cashier saliva, poured over the grindings, shaken not stirred?"

UC: "Uh... That's the one."

BBB: "Oooh, sounds good, that might be my new favorite."

UC: "Uh... that will be $15.34"


I finally got my hash-browns, but what I want to know is, Who's confounded idea was it to make a McDonald's into a Starbucks? That's the last time I hit a McDonald's before 7:00 AM, at least until the over-complicated-over-priced-coffee craze is over, or until my next all-nighter.