Sunday, January 29, 2006

Neck Burn

Superwoman is nice enough to cut my hair for me. This saves us a fair amount of cash. For a little while now our mechanical clippers have been going out. (Making lots of noise jamming up on hair etc..) Tonight after she had cut Cookie Monsters hair she was working on mine. She was just finishing up, and was about to trim my neck hairs. (This is the only part of the proccess done without a blade guide/gaurd on) The second she pressed it on my skin I felt this super hot burning sensation. I guess the blades had gotten out of alignment so they were rubbing against each other. (Making them extremely HOT) I flinched and jumped away, in which I gave myself about 40 small little cuts right in the burn area. So now I have a super mutilated 2" by 3/4" section of skin on my neck. OUCH!

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