Friday, January 20, 2006


Welcome to my inaugural post.

Be proud your are now part of a select group, a reader of the most under read blog in cyberspace. Talk about exclusive!

Welcome again, my name is >-----Censored------<, well I guess you don't get to know. Around here I will be known as Sushi Boy. I am a sushi aficionado (wannabe sushi connoisseur), aspiring writer, family man, computer programmer, gamer (not gambling, I mean game games, both the video and RL versions) and struggling student; all rolled into one package.

In this blog I will brag shamelessly about my sushi exploits ( both preparation and consumption), please bear with me on that. In line with the sushi I will talk about my forays into Japanese culture, which I find captivating. Occasionally, when I am feeling brave, I may post a short story I have written. If you wish to critique it, feel free. While I'm attached to my work, I usually build my self up for criticism before I share it. Like any other blog I will share the more interesting points of my life, like a journal.

My intention in writing this blog is, first, to practice, hone and share my writing. Hopefully it will be enteraining and easy to follow. Please leave me some feedback if you like/dislike something about this blog. The second, is to find and interact with others who may like sushi, writing or games. So if you have something to say, Speak Up, I'd love to hear what you think. I will try to organize my posts in a way that it is easy for you to find and read the things you like, while skipping the things you don't.

Here is a quick introduction to my family.
-SushiBoy- Thats me. You've heard enough about me, so lets move on.

-SuperWoman- Beautiful, smart, fun, kind, and a stellar wife and mother. I'm sure those that know us would say that I married up, way up. She is a great cook whose hobbies are reading and needlework. She also enjoys advising a group of early teenage girls in our church congregation.

-Cookie Monster- Son of SushiBoy and SuperWoman. 3 years old. Into dinasaurs, sandboxes, snowmen and cartoons (especially Scooby Doo). Has a discerning palette for a 3 year old. While he is a picky eater, he will eat things that make most toddlers quail, namely tofu, avacado, squash and broccoli. But his favorite food is, with out a doubt, bacon. Atta Boy Son! Cookie Monster likes to hang out and play with his mom, dad, sister, grandmas and grandpas. He has some close friends but is mainly introverted, which leads us to ....

-Cakes- Daughter of SushiBoy and SuperWoman. The extrovert of the family. 18 months old (at time of draft). She is very petite, even for a girl her age. She is a bright ray of sunshine ninety nine percent of the time, in the other one percent she will make a hurricane think twice about crossing her. Cakes is begining to develop what she likes now. She likes to eat. She is early to bed and early to rise (kind of at odds with the rest of the family). She loves music, and when I play DDR (Dance Dance Revlolution) she loves to have her own dance mat to boogie on, or to have me hold her while we both boogie down.

You've made it this far. Thank you for reading. There will be more to follow soon!

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