Wednesday, April 25, 2007


A little over a month ago I announced that we had a cute-little-puppy- addition to the family. I also promised to post pictures soon. Well this isn't exactly soon, but, "better late than never."

We got her free, from the Wal-Mart parking lot here in town. She is a Black Lab-Shepard mix. The kids had been begging for a dog for over a year. We kept telling them we could get one when we bought a house. We ran out of excuses, and besides Jewel was just too cute to pass up.

What kind of pets do you have (or wish for)?


Teri said...

OMG, what a cutey.

I hope she's a good dog and doesn't eat and chew everything in sight.

SushiBoy said...

She is a bit of a chewer, we are trying to train that out of her. Its a good thing she is an outside dog; our couches would be toast otherwise.