Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Save Net Radio

The RIAA in cahoots with the Copyright Royalty Board, has decided to impose higher royalties on Internet radio stations. Fine, or it would be fine if the didn't triple (at the very minimum) the rates, and apply them retroactively. Instead of bolstering the income to labels and artists it will destroy them. A whole demographic will be forced out of the market. As of May 15th 2007, Free internet radio will cease to exist. Please go to Save Net Radio and let your representive know just how dumb this idea really is.

For me this would competely destroy the way I listen to music. Pandora, and other stations would be gone. I'm not the only one. While I won't turn to piracy to listen "free" music, others will. This action will lower revenue and increase piracy. Just because someone decides to raise the price doesn't mean that people can afford that price. Further proof that the RIAA has no footing in reality. But what can you expect from an organization that prosecutes kids and grandma's to fatten their own wallets.

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