Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Mormons

For those interested, the second part of the PBS series The Mormons airs on PBS this evening. The first part will be available online later today.

I watched the last half of the first part, and the documentry is no propaganda film. Every side has a say. The first part covers the church's controversial past, tonight covers the present day church. Take a look, let me know what you think.


Nobody™ said...

I PVR'd part one last night, and have the timer set to get part two tonight. I probably should have put last nights on DVD so I could watch it tonight while I'm sitting in a hotel room.

Doctor Mom said...

Hey Sushi--
Aren't you living in Mormon country?

I have family in the area who are now Mormon.

Lots of different lifestyles on this planet, and everyone things their own is the way to live.

SushiBoy said...

DM - Cool, I might know them being Moromon myself.

Agreed many lifestyles on the planet, most of them are pretty cool. I've found most of the things that I really like come from cultures vastly different my own.

Nobody- Did you watch the program. In my opinion the covered a lot of the controversy (pretty objective coverage of that part I'd say) but they really didn't capture what its like to be a Mormon. Seems like the coverage was more directed at the fringes of the community rather than the heart of it. But they only had 4 hours, and all things considered I think they did allright on the show.