Monday, May 21, 2007

Starcraft II

Just in case you care; Blizzard has come up with a new product to suck every last bit of your freetime away (and probably some non-free time too).

(click me, I dare you)

These games are all named wrong. StarCRACK II would be a better name, because every game Blizzard comes up with is insanely addictive. If I am lucky my computer won't have enough guts to run this new form of video game narcotica.


Tug said...

It's a sad sad day when you're lucky if your computer DOESN'T have guts. hee hee...

DadGuy said...

I just have one thing to say.

"You're only in trouble if you're caught!"


"I'm in trouble!"

I've watched too many kid videos lately... If you know that quote you probably have too. =)

SushiBoy said...

Tug- Yup its sucks getting all responsible.

Dadguy- Alladdin?

DadGuy said...


And my apologies, it's "you're only in trouble if you get caught".


Doctor Mom said...

You guys should try Guitar Hero

My family can't get off of it!

Freebird, Killer Queen, Welcome to the Jungle....

I now bring them bread and water every 4-6 hours

Doctor Mom said...


He is now a four-time winner of The Fresh Baked Cookie Award

Visit his award winning caption

SushiBoy said...

Gutair Hero is really fun! If I had a PS2 or X-Box 360 I would buy that in a heart(drum)beat.