Sunday, June 03, 2007

Reality TV

As a rule I hate Reality TV. But every summer I throw that rule out the window and I binge on Reality TV. I can't resist the The Next Food Network Star and Hell's Kitchen.

Of the two I can't decide what I like better. I like Hell's Kitchen because the show focuses on cooking, but it is heavy on contestant humiliation. The Next Food Network Star is much more family freindly, hardly any swearing and humilation, but the focus on finding a TV type personality causes me to lose interest from time to time. Between the two shows I'm happy.

Time to stop blogging, I'm watching the The Next Food Network Star premier.


Tug said...

Is it just me, or was Hell's Kitchen WAY over the top last year? I may have to give it another try...

SushiBoy said...

It was a little heavy on the scripted reality and a little light on the cooking last year. I hope they remedy that this year.

Doctor Mom™ said...

You're so funny!
My daughter loves those cooking shows too!

She'll come up with some pretty cool ideas from them.

I just don't have the patience to watch someone else cook or bake!

SushiBoy said...

I view cooking shows as a really cheap form of culinary school. I've learned a lot of cool techniques from those shows, and -like your daughter- I glean some great ideas for dishes from them.