Saturday, June 23, 2007

Start to Finish MS

Sushiboy will ride to fight Multiple Sclerosis in 0 Days

Click Above to Make A Difference!

(Just click in the Upper left of the page where it says "Donate to Eric". Don't be intimidated by the amounts in the radio buttons. You can enter your own amount at the bottom of the list. You can donate anonymously if you choose. You can also substitute your blogging name for your real name in the Recognition name section. If you have already donated, please don't feel pressured to donate again. That isn't my intent.)


DadGuy said...

Best of luck on the ride!

Zed said...

Ride--ride like the wind!

Teri said...

did you make it or are you in the hospital?

Tug said...

I hope all went well!!

you've been tagged

SushiBoy said...

Teri - I neither made it or am in the hospital, my asthma has been giving me trouble lately. I talked to my doctor and decided not to ride this year. At least I help raise some money for a good cause, but I've just had to tell myself "Better Luck Next Year". I'm kinda bummed about it.

Tug - Tag noted :). Expect a post soon.