Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Field Trip #5

Welcome back Field Trippers

Today we are going to go on a nature walk. I work close to the Provo River. I, and a couple of my co-workers, usually walk over to the river to take our breaks. The river is on the small side as far as rivers go. Its just bigger than your average mountain stream, and really, that is what I like about it. To me there is nothing more relaxing than the sound of moving water. The calm waves of a lake or ocean and babbling brooks have a way of carrying away my stress with them. This picture was taking by a co-worker of mine on a bridge where we watch the river pass by. It is especially beautiful this time of year as the leaves are turning color. The leaves are also falling into the river and its nice to watch them as the make their way downstream, gliding over the rocks and flowing with the current.

The Provo River is a great spot to go fishing and the reservoirs are great for boating. But my favorite activity is to sit near the banks of the river and read a book, or to skip rocks. The river also has some spectacular scenery around it. Like Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon (pictured below).

What do you do on your work breaks?

Thats all for this week. Hope you all have a nice weekend.


Mel said...

Wow, how breathtaking!!

I used to run errands during my lunch breaks but these days I lay down and put my feet up.

Tug said...

Absolutely beautiful. wow.

I'm the only one in the office, so when I do have time to take a break, this is what I do. Visit.

DadGuy said...

Good stuff!

Teri said...

God, I don't have anything this great out my revolving door at work. I do have the river that runs past the Art Museum but it's NOTHING like this.

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Jen said...


Sans Pantaloons said...

I always find water very peaceful, and if there's wildlife that's a bonus.
For the past three weeks my work breaks have been spent on visits the local museum to gather information and field trips to take photographs for the meme Julia set me. I'm about two thirds complete. I have 610M worth of stuff.
I hope it will be worth it. :¬)