Monday, November 12, 2007

Friday Field Trip Award!

I hereby bestow Mel with the Frequent Field Trip Award. Awarded for her frequent and entertaining trips into America's southland.

(The Congrats wave provided by Your 3D Source.)


Mel said...

wow!!! I got a major award!! Thanks Sushi!

Sushiboy said...

No thank your, I'm only sorry I don't have a lamp in the shape of a leg to give you. (heh)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mel!

I think I won the award for "Said she was gonna participate and never has".... sorry!

Sushiboy said...

Uh I think you have enough on your plate right now. Maybe after you get settled in Wisconsin you can treat us to a field trip of your move, your old home or new home or something. Best of luck with all that! Let us know if you pass through Utah, Maybe Superwoman and I can treat you and your boys to lunch or something.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Congratulations Mel!
Nice Medal Sushi !