Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sushi Family

A pic of the new fam. I think the new kid will be blog-named "Tank" because of his gargantuan bigness, I'm sure we'll think of a new one as his personality starts to shine.

Sushi fam.

From left to right, Cookie Monster, Tank, Superwoman, Cakes, Sushiboy.


G'ma Nasus said...

TANK certainly seems appropriate at the moment. hee hee

What a cute family group. I love it.

Tug said...

Great family photo - Superwoman looks AWESOME for just giving birth to a Tank!

Diesel said...

Diesel is a very manly name.

Sans Pantaloons said...

WooHoo! Great Great Great!

Anonymous said...

congrats!! can't believe he is sooo big

BigSister said...

Congatulations from all of of us and from Big Grizz's family too!

Fantastagirl said...

FANTASTIC family photo! Tank seems to fit!

teri said...

what a great lookin family!

trkndude299 said...

Hi Sushi,
I'm breaking my sabatical from the net to make this post.
I'm very happy for you + your family. That is a wonderful pic of the newly expanded family.
HoosierGirly says she is plotting a trip to the Beehive State to do some serious baby holding.
Also says that she has Super Woman especially (lack of sleep-mommy stuff) in her prayers, and also your family in her prayers.
HG is also on a internet sabatical, but she does check her comments from time to time.
HG votes for "Bruiser" for a handle. I vote for Cowboy, maybe even Padnah.
HG says a contender might be "Lil Shrimp"
Happy Holidays from HG + me, to the best Mormon's we know. "We say with a toothy grin".

groovyoldlady said...

Awwwwww. Hugs to Superwoman!

Just Dave said...

Tank is so much better than Moose. That always reminds me of the old Archie comics. In Texas, we would just call me Big'un and let it go at that. I think I can see a future defensive tackle at BYU. That is a good lookin's bunch.