Monday, March 30, 2009

I am the most stubborn person you may ever meet.

The last few weeks have been INSANE! A bunch of things at work were coming due, a bunch of things at work were coming due. As you can see by my post a few weeks ago I felt completely overwhelmed. But I kept at it, and I'm surprised at how well things have turned out. The test I was so worried about I got a 98% on. I didn't think I would be able to write the minimum 10 pages I needed for a paper. I ended up with 16 pages. I had another test today (after a last week where I barely got any studying done for it) and got another good score. I also was able to get all the work stuff done to boot. Sometimes I wonder if a college degree isn't measuring my ability so much as my stubbornness, because that is all that got me through the last few weeks.

On a side note. The (step) contest at work ends tomorrow at midnight. Right now I'm leading by around 30,000 steps. So hopefully that means I'll win. I might put in some time on the treadmill over the next couple of days just to make sure. I've only taken 7205 steps for today.

In other news I got inducted to an collegiate honor society Phi Kappa Phi. They wanted 50 bux to join. I figured what the heck and I joined up. Today I got an invitation from another honor society Phi Theta Kappa. They want 80 bux. I may have been a sucker to join the first, I'm not sure I'm going to join the second. The 'requirements' to join aren't as strict and they want more money. I'm beginning to think these things are a racket to see how little street-smarts the book-smart students have. Any advice? I'm leaning towards -not- joining the second society.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I like DDR. If you don't know what DDR is go click here.

For my birthday ( which is still a month away) Superwoman got me some dance pads. These are pretty nice. They have foam in the middle and are pretty sensitive.
the mat

They (there are two of them) will work with my x-box (old school), Wii, and my Mac book. (they also work for the PS2 and gamecube)

I'm stoked. Since this 'step' competition at work I've been hitting the DDR pretty hard. Last week I passed a couple of songs on heavy (that's the hard mode).

I'm gonna go play, bye.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby steps

At our work we got some pedometers (a little device that measures how many steps you take) and we are having a contest to see who can walk the most steps in four weeks. I was leading but I was having trouble with the pedometer, it kept falling off of my pocket, belt or whatever else it was attached to. I've been leading our little contest so I figured it was worth plunking down $5 for a better pedometer. I was so exited to have it that I took 28139 steps today... (roughly 15 miles) I think I gave myself shin splints. I hope that doesn't ruin my chances, still two weeks to go.

(oh and I feel much better since I have some antibiotics in my system and have been getting a little sleep, what a difference a week makes)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What me Post?

Well I haven't been posting. But it hasn't been for lack of material. A lot has been going on, good and bad. Here is a rundown of it all.

The Good: The family. If it wasn't for the wife and kids I don't know that I could have slogged through the last month. The kids are growing well. Tank, Cakes and Cookie Monster are as fun and as adorable as ever. I love spending time with them, when I can. I am gone 14 or so hours most days, so I never feel like I get enough time with them. I was worried little tank wasn't going to know who I am. But he grins and smiles with me any time I get to spend time with him. I've decided I'm going to take the summer off of school so I can spend some precious time with them all.

The Bad: School and Work. I can't seem to get ahead since Christmas. I feel like I'm always behind in something. I've been sick a lot so I've been behind in hours at work. If I miss much more I could lose my insurance, so I've been working come hell or high water, and there seems to have been a lot both lately (see below). In school I have never felt so behind. Up until now I've been able to maintain a 4.0 grade point average. I'm worried I'm going to lose it with the test I take this weekend. (I really should be studying now) Spring break is next week. Hopefully then I can catch up a little in both school and work.

The Ugly: I've had a sinus infection for over a month. It has sucked. I have had a headache every single day, but I can't just lay in bed and get over it. If I miss any more work I'll be in serious danger of losing my insurance, if I miss any more school I'll be in serious danger of failing. I've just had to muck through it, its been a little miserable.

The first round of antibiotics didn't knock the infection out. I went to an ENT and he wanted me to have the antibiotics out my my system for 2 weeks, followed by a CT scan of my sinuses (I guess they want to see my sinuses in their most hellish condition). I finally had the CT scan today and I'm back on antibiotics. Hopefully the infection will clear up in a couple of days. I should also know by then if I need another surgery to open up the sinuses. Hopefully I can get by w/o surgery, but right about now I'd do just about anything to stop having infections. I've been averaging one a month for the past year.

But life isn't all bad. I feel like I'm through the worst of it (I hope I didn't just curse myself). I can't wait for summer. I am really looking forward to warm weather, working 40 hour weeks and spending more time with Superwoman and the kidlets.