Monday, March 27, 2006

Its been a while

Ok, so its been a while since my last post.

What has been going on?
  • Read a few books
  • Went to a hockey game
  • Took part in an Iron Chef competition
  • Decided to go back and finish my degree no-matter-what
  • Was rejected at BYU
  • Still going to finish my degree no-matter-what (now I just don't know where)
  • Participated in my first ARES event: "Scouting for Food"
  • And MORE
Each event has been "blogworthy" I've just not had the time or inclination (sometimes I've had one, but not the other) to record it all, or any of it for that matter. So I'll be trying to catch up over the next week or so.


DadGuy said...

They rejected you at BYU? how come? :/

SushiBoy said...

My 3.43 GPA is now too low. The want a 3.7, they say I can appeal it, so I am currently in the process of doing that.