Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I haven't written anything in over a week. Why so long? Psychonauts!

This is probably the best new game I've played in well over a year. In fact this game is close to an all time favorite. (Pending on going through it multiple times) It has great artistic style. Well done and funny dialog. Smooth animation. Different, innovative and (most importantly) fun gameplay. So when I have been having fits of insomnia, instead of blogging, I've been playing Psychonauts. A lot of the gameplay takes place inside the minds of other characters, such areas include; a 3D velvet painting in a artist obsessed with bullfights, inside a playhouse of a manic depressive actor where plays change from comedies to tragedies at the flip of a switch, rampaging (think like King Kong or Godzilla) in a city of tiny lung fish, and flipping-jumping-sliding-fighting through a giant circus. If you like video games (especially platformers) you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of this game. It hasn't been selling well and you can get it new for a meager thirty bones. Otherwise there may never be hopes for a sequel, or something else totally new and original from Double Fine, and Majesco. So as you can tell I really liked it. I've even done a drawing of the main character Razputen. (I'll post that whenever I decide to do my next art update) I'd continue to rave about it, but that would be wasting valuable time that you could use to run out and buy this game. If you still need convincing check out what these journalists had to say. IGN Review , UGO Review , EuroGamer Review. Pick it up and actually have fun playing a video game!

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