Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sushi Dinner: Happy Sumo

Last Saturday we went with our friends Marc and Danielle to the Happy Sumo, Danielle had just delivered a baby (2 months ago now) and this was her "Return to Sushi" dinner. I have had a few pieces of sushi from Happy Sumo before (left overs that one of the gals at my job couldn't finish) and it was really good. But the sushi wasn't the greatest on the night we went, it may have been an off night for them.

I had four maki rolls. Spicy Yellow Tail, Spicy Salmon, Spicy Tuna, and Unagi (eel). The spicy rolls came together at a discount. I'm not one to complain about things being spicy, but the spicy sauce completely overpowered the dish. Yellow Tail and Salmon have a subtle flavor, the Spicy sauce didn't. As a result the fish didn't come through. The Tuna has a stronger flavor and barely came through the sauce. I'm not quite sure what to think about these rolls, I don't think they would have been good on a good night, the wrong match of sauce and fish. The Unagi was good but the rice was too old making it a bit sour. Superwoman had a bento box (Japanese style lunch box) dinner with grilled salmon (cooked really well), Tempura Veggies (also cooked well), potstickers (overcooked), and a california roll (not fresh). Marc had Tonkatsu and a tuna maki roll and shared a Rainbow roll with Danielle, who had the same spicy platter that I did. Danielle didn't really care for her spicy rolls so I got to finish them off. (No sense letting them go to waste).

The ambiance of the restaurant was very swank and trendy, with dark paint, interesting booths, layout and architecture. (there was even a tastefully inserted lava lamp or two planted around the dining area). The booths had some sheer curtains that could be closed and good view of the rest of the restaurant. So I think we ended up paying more for the ambiance rather than food quality. The specialty rolls looked good but were very expensive, (and with the rice the way it was Saturday probably wasn't the night to try them) so I'll have to give those a shot after I make my first million.

After we had sushi we went back to our place and Marc and Danielle introduced us to a game called carcassone, I plan on devoting a whole post to Carcossone later... Stay tuned its a cool game.

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