Thursday, July 12, 2007


Christian Protestors Heckle Hindu Chaplain
These protestors are jerks. Protesting like this is not 'witnessing', it is acting about as un-Christian as it is possible to act. Jesus was the Prince of Peace, such hate filled people as these don't deserve the title of Christians. This Hindu minister wasn't preaching or trying to force his religion on others, he was simply praying to God in his way, as he was invited to do. I can't beleive these people would interrupt him and heckle him for this. Jerks.


Superwoman said...

WOW, I can't believe people would be so horrible. . . wait, I can believe it with all that has been happening lately. As LDS people we've seen our share of intolerance lately. It's just wrong. People, we are given the right of religious freedom, that means there will be people who think differently than you. As long as the beliefs do not endanger others let them be.

Zed said...

Such a shame. Extremes, no matter what the religion or political persuasion, are ugly. Poor man.