Tuesday, July 03, 2007

To Do No Harm

Does anyone else find irony in the latest terrorist wrinkle? Medical Doctors planning attacks to blow up scores of innocent Londoners. Story Here.

Primum non nocere; First, do no harm. This phrase is the motto of doctors and other medical practitioners worldwide. An oath to never intentionally harm anyone (and to avoid unintentional harm as well). I believe these allegations -- but as yet they are unproven, so I haven't totally made up my mind -- , and the complete dishonor of these actions gall me. Westerners are honorless pigs, infidels, is what we here from the extreme Islamic propaganda. Terrorists, take a look in the mirror; you are the honorless, the oath breakers, the child killers, the infidels.


So have you heard of a story where a man buys his wife a power tool for her birthday? Well I haven't done that. Superwoman's birthday is coming up so I thought it would be fun to have a big bash for her and to serve one of her favorite dishes Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches. OK thats a good idea right? Yes, but my execution sucks. Yesterday the kids were umm... brats, and the house was a mess and the party is coming up tomorrow. So I went to bed early (its been a long couple of weeks at work) without even thinking about what needed to be done by the July 4th/Birthday Party. Who stayed up all night worrying about it and cleaning? Superwoman. Who feels like a big fat jerk today? SushiBoy (and with good reason). So no, I didn't buy my wife a power tool for her birthday, I just made here clean up for her own party. I suck. To do no harm? That was my intention, but I caused it anyway.


Reprove SusiBoy and those pesky terrorists in the comments. They both deserve it.


Superwoman said...

It's all right. I know your intentions were in the right place. However. . . when you get home tonight I could use some help. Oh, and it helps that you will be doing ALL the cooking tomorrow.

Tug said...

I totally agree on the terrorist thing...insane.

So how are you MAKING IT UP to Superwoman??

Just Dave said...

The terrorista, ALL terrorists, should be shredded and boiled in pig fat.

Your offense was not that great. Hope you read this post after you have helped out Superwoman, as requested above. Then give her a foot massage. It's really hard to mad at someone who is giving you a foot massage.

SushiBoy said...

I cooked Superwoman a nice dinner. 3 cheese rigatoni with alfredo and a salad. I guess we will see how the Cheese Steaks turn out tomorrow.

SushiBoy said...

Er tortellini, three cheese tortellini that is. You gotta love those refridgerated pastas, you don't even need to know what your are cooking!

Teri said...

Sushiboy - you can only get Philly cheesesteaks from Philly.

You don't live in Philly. Where will you get them?

Happy Birthday, Superwoman.

SushiBoy said...

I didn't get them. I made them. They were a great Independence Day dinner.

(There are spots to get a Philly Cheesesteak around here, I doubt they are a good as ones you can get in Philly)

Zed said...

Sushiboy, don't beat yourself up. You had good intentions. Of course we all know that the road to hell is paved with ... :)

Superwoman, you're a good woman. Happy Birthday, and if you lay on a little guilt I bet you could get Sushiboy to cook all weekend.

Zed said...

Oh, I forgot. The whole terrorist thing? We shouldn't call them terrorists, they are blinded idiots. Not thinking at all.

Zed said...

You can stop feeling guilty now. We all forgive you. :)

Doctor Mom™ said...

I guess we'll have to put out another APB for Sushi