Monday, November 03, 2008


Troopergate? Tomorrow it will be wardrobe-gate. Seems like the suffix -gate gets assigned to anything that the press perceives as scandal, but only if it has something to do with the Grand Ol' Party. Now the GOP is by no means perfect, but neither is the DNC. Its just their scandals never get the gate-treament, which is a shame, because there is a whole political party's worth of scandals just begging for the gate suffix.

Sushiboy's Scandalgate List
(scandals that shoulda been dubbed with the infamous gate)
(click on the Titlegates for the storygates)

Bootygate: This term could could apply to any number of philandering cases. But the shoe fits best for Detroit's own Kwame Kilpatrick. Who had an affair, lied about it, then beat up a deputy assisting in the investigation. This man could make a rap video just with his press footage alone. Its got booty, arrogance, ridiculous slang, and beating down a cop, all it needs is bling (I'm sure its in there somewhere but since he isn't a female republican candidate it probably won't catch the attention of the press) It's like 10 scandals in one. It's too bad they don't issue life sentences for in-your-face-arrogant-stupidity. Kwame Killpatrick, I herewith dub your mega scandal as Bootygate.

Chemogate: Nothing funny here. John Edwards is the lowest of the low. He was off doing another women when he should have been there for his wife as she was fighting for her life. Enough said, this guy is more toxic than chemo any day. His actions are indefensible. Maybe he was just warm up to re-enter the high priced defense lawyer trade again. Scum.

Eskimo(ney)-Pie-Gate: Most scandals involve a long a convoluted money trail. William Jefferson kept it simple, his trail went from the freezer to the couch at best. (who keeps 90 grand in the fridge?) How he got re-elected I'll never know. If you live in New Orleans hopefully you'll vote the corrupt ol' fart out this week. He should just resign and save the democrats some face. If he was a Republican he would have been savaged out of office by the press. (and rightfully so) But he's not so hopefully the voters will do their job. Oh and if by some awful miscarriage of Justice this idiot gets off the FBI says he was involved in at least seven other schemes. This guy will be in court long after his $90,000 Eskimo(ney) Pie has melted.

(Speaking of Eskimos, Ted Stevens Senator of Alaska should resign and bow out of the race to save the Republicans up there the pain of voting for a Democrat to get rid of him, if not I'm sure the press will be ready to take him down, they are there already up there for Palin after all, troopergate was just a quasi-scandal this is the real deal, but at least they'll be warmed up)

Stuffingate: Stuffing your bra is usually not scandal material, its more of an insecurity issue. But when Dianne Wilkerson stuffed her bra with bribe money, that is a scandal! LOL I guess even the freezer sounds like a good place to store your bribe money when compared to stuffing it in your bra. What is she, a Stripper? I wonder if she has $20 bills slid into her panties too? UH... on second thought, I don't want to know. But I don't envy the guy that had to take her bail payment.

Fanniegate when Obama's "family" relationship to the powers that led to our current housing crisis are finally common knowledge. Lending Money to Minorities and underpriviledged people is worth it, only so far as they can repay it. Otherwise it is a terrible hoax. If you can't pay it back you get your house repossessed and ruin your credit. How does foreclosure help our less privileged get ahead? How has it hurt the rest of us.

Sub-Prime lending treated a symptom not the cause. If people can't afford houses, their are two ways to fix that. Help them be trained to make more money, or help the prices of houses to level off. Sub Prim Lending did nothing, and due to speculators being able to get these risky loans to flip houses, the price of homes SPIKED dramatically, well beyond the inflation and salary rates they used to be tied so closely to. If you want housing for the poor, help the poor to afford housing through education and creating jobs, don't just force the banks to lower the standards for receiving a loan.

Senator Obama sued banks that wouldn't didn't initially give into the Sub-Prime lending calling them racists. They weren't racist, they were trying to keep their bank operating in a way to make some money instead of losing it. Even George's administration saw the writing on the wall on this one as early as 2001 and tried to change the way these loans were handled. Maxine Waters, Gregory Meeks and Barney Frank said over and over again NOTHING is WRONG with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Well we know now that they were dead wrong. Obama was smart enough to keep his mouth shut, mostly (subprime lending isn't a good idea barack ol' buddy), but lined up for the hand outs that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were doling to keep people off their backs. Affordable Housing was a crock. Now we get to pay the piper, regardless of whose fault it is.

Four years from now, I think the majority that seems to like Obama will be singing a different tune. I for one want to point out now. Its not my fault, I voted for John McCain.

Note: This isn't a dig so much the Democratic party so much as it was a opportunity for me to apply the "GATE" title to scandals that I think deserve it. The Republican ones have been taken. I do not think one side is always right and one is always wrong. The classic partisanship offered up by Rush Limbaugh and Micheal Moore is laughable and reminds me of the one dimensional characters offered up in old time melodramas. I do not like Obama, and I do not think he is a good choice to lead the country. But I don't see Senator Obama as all bad, nor do I see Mr. McCain as all good, I voted for another GOP candidate in the primary. But I think that Senator Obama's economic policies make George W. seem genius, they often sound nice, but they just don't work when in practice, throwing money at the symptoms instead of the causes. They don't make sense to me. But its your vote and your choice, my vote my choice, and tomorrow we'll have our chance to speak and in four years and in forty years, we'll know if we made a good decision.

Actions taken against the idiots mentioned above by the DNC or members of the DNC)
Jennifer Grayholm (Democrat and Governor of Michigan) seemed poised to remove Kwame from office if he didn't resign.

John Edwards will hopefully no longer be relevant in politics of any party.

The Democratic Party wants to be rid of ol' Eskimo William as bad as I do, William won despite actions of the democratic party (so vote him out already!) including endorsing a rival, and removing him from any and all house committees. But the people of New Orleans keep electing this bozo to represent them. No wonder all the FEMA aid is getting doled out to other areas. This guy is too busy padding his portfolio to get them what the need.


Scarlet said...

This post shall forever more be known as "SushiGate"

Superwoman said...

scarlet- lol you're a goof.

Sushi- good post, very fun!

Special K said...

ouch. At least you have the mettle to lay it out there.

One thing in your post I can agree with: McCain/Obama aren't all good or all bad.
One can only vote for the platform that you most identify/agree with. It will be a hard road for whoever wins. Lots to be done, lots to be corrected.

Sushiboy said...

Scarlet - If you see this post as a scandal, then sushigate it is.

Superwoman - :) hopefully that's the line, fun. I'm not trying to smear the democrats, as such I posted their actions in response below. No one likes a cheater, no matter the party.

Specail K - If that is the only thing we can agree on, its probably the most important point. In this sound bite, scripted world it often comes down voting for who I disagree with the least. It's hard to get past what campaigns are willing to let out, and what a candidate really believes. Or what they really would like to do. To get this far they are usually complex and gifted individuals. And it's hard to get all of the personality. All media seems to portray the one sided man, whether that be positive or negative depends on which channel your tuned into.

I do lean right on most issues, but the GOP is not perfect. I just wanted to have a little fun with the gate suffix at the DNC's expense, ala the Colbert Report, but with my views instead of his. Down with Partisanship :) "Lots to be done lots to be corrected" truer words were ne'er spoken. I wish the parties wouldn't balk at the things that would be good for the both of them, and hence the best good for the country.

Nobody™ said...

Obama is a media created Hoax. They make him out like he is perfect, when he's as crooked as any politician. And throwing money at the problem? That's the democrats answer to everything. Heck, people vote for them because they think they will get something for nothing!

But George W Bush IS an idiot. He's got to be almost half as stupid as Barney Frank.