Thursday, August 16, 2007


School starts a week from today. I'm all nerves right now. :(

Edit: I went and picked up my books today. One of them covers many of the topics I was the most worried about remembering/using again. Knowing that I have a whole semester to review and relearn this material has really helped my peace of mind. I still have nerves, but not anything like I was feeling before.


Teri said...

you'll be okay. I felt the same way when I started. The beginning of each semester made me nervous but about two weeks in you wonder what all the fuss was about.

good luck.

Doctor Mom™ said...

This must be so exciting for you!

Would you mind sharing your field of study?

Which degree program are you enrolled in?

SushiBoy said...

I am studying Computer Science with a Computer engineering emphasis. I was studying Electrical Engineering at another University. The current college (soon to be University) which I am attending doesn't have the equiveleant program. But this one is pretty dang close.

The material that I -thankfully- get to retake is Linear Algebra and Differntial Equations. At most schools they split this into to quarters or semesters, its a lot of ground to cover in a semester with them combined. I have learned this material before (in one semester) but forgotten just about everything. Learing it the first time was,no other word for it, a bitch. I wasn't looking forward to having to remember it on the fly as I needed it. I'm glad cover the material again this semester.

SushiBoy said...

into to quarters or semesters = into two quarters or semesters.

Zed said...

Piece of cake, Sushiboy. You're a smart guy.

Doctor Mom™ said...

That is so incredibly awesome!!

I'm glad God made people so different!

We can't get along in this world without brains like yours and the heart to know that you'll make a difference in this world!

Go get 'em!

Nobody™ said...

I would love to have a degree in electrical engineering, but there is NO way I could do the math needed (I'm really bad at math!). Instead, I just pretend to be an engineer.