Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The Building of Lost TimeFor the record I am straight. Heh.

I just got back to work after sitting through a college orientation indented for bran' spankin' new high school grads. It felt like a high school senior sitting through Kindergarten. Everyone else was stoked to be there, I just want to graduate and be done. They were chanting college cheers and were so exited to be college kids (er adults...) I just wasn't in to chanting U-V-U, and 'giving it up for' the dean of general education. Heh. I'm old (well at least compared to 17/18 year old gals behind me; busily taking about boys, dances and general ed classes). Despite feeling a little babied, it wasn't too bad. Its good to be doing something about that degree I've been meaning to get.


DadGuy said...

It can only go up from here.



Nobody™ said...

Good luck! You seem like a smart guy, so I'm sure you'll have no problems at all.

Zed said...

You're going to do great (for an "old" guy)!