Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy birthday to ...


I just turned 30. I have a whole new decade to screw over spend how I please! The first thing I did was to build myself a horseshoe pit so I can waste my weekends swilling Coca-Cola and tossing horseshoes.

In other news I am riding in the MS150 again this year. Last year I helped raise $600. I'd like to beat that this year. If you want to give me a birthday present that I will really appreciate, donate 2 or 3 dollars to a great cause. Every little bit will help. If you are feeling really ambitious maybe you can walk or ride too.

Give Sushiboy a birthday donation by clicking below.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Sushi, it's what's for dinner.

I wanted sushi but we couldn't afford to go out for it. So Superwoman and I wipped up this oriental style meal. I made the sushi (left), its a California roll, with shrimp and celery added. Superwoman made the egg roll (center) from scratch, but we bought wrappers. Gyoza (known as potstickers if you are a fan of Chinese food) [right] we buy in a frozen in the bag, Superwoman cooked this too. At the top is Gari, pickeled ginger, it goes with the sushi. Just put a bit on your last peice of a roll to cleanse your palette before moving on to you next dish.

Sometimes nothing can beat a homecooked meal, especially if your broke. What's your favorite homecooked meal?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My first Interview. I'm so excited.

I wanted to be interviewed by Nobody™.
Here are the results.

1. If you could make a guest appearance on any TV show, what show would it be? My gut reaction is Iron Chef America. It would be so fun to compete in or judge the food. I also wouldn't mind appearing on a morning show to plug a book I had written. Each is equally unlikely, but I can dream!

2. Does Superwoman have a blog? No. I keep trying to get her to start, but I don't know that she is actually interested in having her own blog.

3. What is the website you visit most frequently? I have a few sites that I visit once a day or so. I go to and I do each of the three daily chess puzzles. I go to the World of Warcraft web site and waste even more of my precious time. I usually visit all the blogs on my sidebar too.

4. Other than sushi, what is your favorite food? Tough question. Probably meat off the BBQ. It's hard to beat a medium/medium-rare steak hot off the grill. A bratwurst grilled to perfection is also right close to divinity; I had three last night, my stomach still hurts.

5. Do you like green Jell-o? (As an interesting aside, Utah is known as the Jell-O capital of the world. We Moromons whip up a batch at the drop of that hat. In particular green Jell-O seems to show up at a lot of church functions and other get togethers. Green Jell-O is infamous for being paired with some 'interesting' ingredients like grated carrots and sour cream (yes sour cream). I think this why the question is being asked) I'm not really a dessert person. But as far as desserts go green Jell-O is ok by me, just as long as its mostly green Jell-O and doesn't contained some whacked out ingredient that the 'chef' wanted to get out of his cupboard. I don't know how some things get into the Jell-O, I suspect its a game for some people to throw some yucky ingredient in there and then see who will eat it anyway.

Thnx Nobody™ for the great questions.

Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me!"
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I get to pick them, and you have to answer them all.
You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
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When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Save Net Radio

The RIAA in cahoots with the Copyright Royalty Board, has decided to impose higher royalties on Internet radio stations. Fine, or it would be fine if the didn't triple (at the very minimum) the rates, and apply them retroactively. Instead of bolstering the income to labels and artists it will destroy them. A whole demographic will be forced out of the market. As of May 15th 2007, Free internet radio will cease to exist. Please go to Save Net Radio and let your representive know just how dumb this idea really is.

For me this would competely destroy the way I listen to music. Pandora, and other stations would be gone. I'm not the only one. While I won't turn to piracy to listen "free" music, others will. This action will lower revenue and increase piracy. Just because someone decides to raise the price doesn't mean that people can afford that price. Further proof that the RIAA has no footing in reality. But what can you expect from an organization that prosecutes kids and grandma's to fatten their own wallets.


A little over a month ago I announced that we had a cute-little-puppy- addition to the family. I also promised to post pictures soon. Well this isn't exactly soon, but, "better late than never."

We got her free, from the Wal-Mart parking lot here in town. She is a Black Lab-Shepard mix. The kids had been begging for a dog for over a year. We kept telling them we could get one when we bought a house. We ran out of excuses, and besides Jewel was just too cute to pass up.

What kind of pets do you have (or wish for)?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm Back!

I'm back, and so are the METS!
Its been a great couple of seasons to be a Mets fan.

Most notably the Mets opened the season by sweeping the Cardinals (who knocked us out of the playoffs last year). Not only did the Mets sweep the series they outscored the Cards 20 to 2. Woohoo! Now the Mets just need to do that in the playoffs.

Currently the Mets are leading the NL East with a record of 12-6 and have have 6 (yes SIX) batters hitting over .300. Of those 6, 4 have played in 17 or more of the 18 games. The Mets are on fire. If they keep this up, maybe the Mets and (Dr. Moms) Twins can face off in the World Series. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Do you like Baseball? If so, which team is your favorite?