Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Episode 3 of Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles was good. The pace changed slightly from the fast, almost chaotic, pace of the movies, to a more settled in, weekly show type of rhythm. The show is still intense. Summer Glau is allowed to settle into her role as a human looking cyborg. She even steals a few scenes acting like a 'freak', which she excels at. Of all the things I was excited about for this show, perhaps Summer being in the cast tops the show. River being River is hard to top (for you firefly fans).

This episode continues with, what I call, the anti-sci-fi plot. Where the Heroes make an attempt to destroy future/emerging technology.

I haven't been into a network TV show for quite some time (excluding Simpsons, which I don't follow anymore, I just buy the DVDs) So far I'm enjoying this one. It is good enough to make me stray from my normal safe harbors of History, Discovery, National Geographic, ESPN/FSN and Food Networks.

The old episodes are available online if you missed them.


Mel said...

I know I am hooked!!

I agree they couldnt have cast any better in the Cyborg role than River/Summer.

Sushiboy said...

No I don't think they could have. The only thing better than this, would be Firefly getting picked back up and finished right. They were just starting to develop (or at least let us in on) some of the cooler characters, like Book, when the show was axed.