Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Weird Wednesday #14


Angry said...

Hey Sushiboy, when you were last at my blog you didn't leave an Opposite Day comment... too difficult to do was it... hmmmm? (tehe)

Nobody™ said...

I hated Windows 9x. I have a Blue Screen of Death TShirt.

I haven't seen a blue screen in quite a while though. My experience with XP is that it pretty much works the way it should.

Just Dave said...

I would have loved it if, just once, Data would have just said, "Well, shit."

Nobody™ said...

You've been tagged.

Sushiboy said...

dab ym

niotarbelec yad sdrawkcab
ruoy ot ylper a tsop t'ndid I yrroS


Sushiboy said...

Nobody, XP was good. Haven't tried vista. Saw way too much blue under 98


Nobody, I'll have to return the tagging favor here soon.

Anne said...

From what I've seen watching my husband, who is a techie, Vista is Satan.

If Data were using Vista, there would have been firearms involved.

My next computer may be a Mac. I hope I don't need one anytime soon.

Found you through Angry. You keep strange company. (I like that.)

Sushiboy said...

Welcome to the blog Anne, Hope you'll come back for many visits!

Anne said...

Yes indeed! And thanks for visiting me.