Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Even Weirder Wednesday

Paris says, "Brittney is a great Mother"

This on the heels of Brittney becoming a home-wrecker for the second time.

So I guess if Brittney ever gets custody of her kids, we know they will turn out like Paris. Thats a scary thought. Not the K-fed is the pinnacle parenthood either. Maybe Brad and Angelina will adopt the Federline Boys. They like helping kids out of no win situations.


Tug said...

And again today, she went to the courthouse, didn't go in the courtroom, & LEFT.

Freak of nature.

Superwoman said...

"What an amazing woman she is. . " who will abandon her children and leave them to her crappy ex-husband. unbelievable. Sounds like Adnan has a litle stardust stuck in his eyes.

Mel said...

Paris is a bigger idiot than Britney!

Sushiboy said...
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Sushiboy said...

Tug - Yah if she was serious about getting her kids back, you'd thing she would show up to her court hearings.

SW - Startdust or massive amounts of cash

Mel - Agreed. Did you see this article? I got quite a laugh out of it.