Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autum weekend.

I took a test Friday. The first Midterm for me this semester. After the exam I wasn't feeling quite right. I came home and went to bed. Next day I was sick. Sick Saturday. Sick Sunday. REALLY Sick Monday. Still-sick-but-on-the-mend today.

Today Superwoman's kind mother came down and helped us out in the yard. I was at work and school and didn't see the results until I got home. She mowed the lawn (that I didn't get to Saturday) and got the garden ready for winter. Lots of work. Thanks Super-Grandma!

When I got home everyone wanted to go on a picnic. I wanted to stay home, but spending time with Superwoman and the kids comes few and far between lately, so I went cold and all. We went to a local pond and ate fried chicken and chips and then fed the ducks day old bakery bread.

The ducks -the bigger ones who are about the size of Cakes- were a little aggressive tonight. There were two white ones in particular that kept charging the kids, I would drive them off, but the kids kept getting scared, and dropping the bread, instead of throwing it, which encouraged the ducks to come closer.... which scared the kids etc... Well eventually one of the big white (almost goose sized) ducks had enough of waiting, and decided to take Cakes for all the bread she was worth. It charged her from close range. Instead of dropping the bread, she ran off screaming with the bread in hand trailing behind her. The duck bit her hand and Cakes was very upset. (she is fine, no skin was broken, but I do think it hurt a bit) She sat on my shoulders the rest of the time.

About that time Cookie Monster caught on to the idea that ducks/geese are cowards and that if you charge back, they will run off. He spent the rest of the evening chasing down the ducks and geese. Pretty much tormenting them (not physically). The geese looked like they were getting a little sick of it. I was sure if he kept it up that the geese were going to mount an uprising. We finally managed to convince him there were better things to do before he got flocked. :)

I've got another test this week. Tests, to a student like me, are sources of a lot of stress. People laugh because I always get good grades, and wonder why I get worked up about them. But in my case the stress helps me to do well, I'd rather have that stress with the good grade which comes with it, than earning a bad grade and being stressed about that after the test. Hopefully I don't give myself an ulcer.


Anonymous said...

I could swear every kid has at least one duck story like that. I don't know why that is, but it's true.

BigSister said...

Howdy Bro - Big Grizz knows about birds that get too forward. Hope all is well with tests and outings and that you are feeling better.

G'ma Nasus said...

Hope you get well quickly.