Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who has the time?

..... Not me. I was meaning to post over the weekend. About what? I have no idea, I had an idea floating around but it has since left me and I'm not sure there is room enough in my head for it to return. It ended up being a busy weekend.

Friday Superwoman and the kids picked me up to from work and we to a case lot sale. Which is when a store sells a case of cans/pasta/whatever at a discounted price. A great way to get the essentials like spaghetti, ketchup, canned veggies and the like.

After that we went to the mall to pre-order Wrath of the Lich King which is the next installment/expansion to World of Warcraft. While there we also looked for a tv wall mount, to mount a computer monitor (old crt) to the wall. We didn't find one, but I did find an updated version to a classic old game, Payday. I played this all the time as a kid.

Then we went to The Home Depot where I did find the a CRT (instead of flat panel) TV wall mount. They are getting harder and harder to find. By then it was late and we got the kids home for dinner and bed.

On Saturday we went for a drive around the Nebo Loop for a picnic and to enjoy the mountain scenery with the leaves changing colors. Then Big'Sis and Grizz treated us to a Teppanyaki dinner, MMMMM. I had a program due to be turned in online the next day and I was up till 3 AM working on it. I didn't get it done.

Sunday was no less busy with church and a family get together. I worked on my programming assignment during every spare second of the day, at midnight I finally had it right, but I stayed up another hour and a half trying to help a friend that was also having problems with it.

Between all that I completely lost my topic for post. :) So Monday instead of blogging I started working on my program due next week, in case it was as intense as the last one. It wasn't, I had it done in about 3 hours.

So I'm through 4 weeks of the current semester. I have the option of finishing two of my classes early, if I can handle the added workload of getting ahead. That would be nice as the baby is due to come about 2 weeks ahead of the end of the semester. So far I'm about a month ahead in one class, a week and a half ahead in another, and right on schedule with my third.


Superwoman said...

You're doing great, thanks for working so hard for us.

Tug said...

Holy COW. I think my head just exploded reading about it all, much less doing it - and AHEAD at that - awesome job!

Anonymous said...

I really have to agree here. Good work on this blog, keep it coming.

Check out wrath of the litch king when you get a chance too.