Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Human of the Week #1 Winners

Rosetta Ragusa Wins !

With an honorable mention to Dara Torres. She is awesome and deserves it.

Congratulations to our esteemed winners for being fine human beings and for making the world a better place.

The voting was close and I'm not sure how to count Teri's vote, she said "Same for me, #3" (in reference to Superwoman's comment above?) So I'm not sure if she was voicing admiration for Dara and voting for Rosetta. So the above is what I came up with (counting my vote for Rosetta).

As it turns out... good news is hard to find. I will run this feature as often as I can find time to research these outstanding individuals.

Thanks for your votes. If you know of a person who is outstanding... (in the news or not, I don't care) Please nominate said person. (or group)


teri said...

Yeah, I screwed up. I actually wanted #3 to win.

Scarlet said...

Its about time Dara Torres got a real job.

She's like those people that do course after course after course just to stay at University instead of going out to get a job.
How many Graphic artist/financial officer/chemist/geologist/carpet weavers does the world need?

I'd say she is about to enter the Senior circuit of swimming events.

Diesel said...

Hey, this is a cool idea. Nice work!