Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good News

Hey all. I've been trying to find good news starring the average Joe/Jane. Its hard. You can find it about celebrities all the time. (probably because it is so rare for them individually, and partly because they tip off the press for their image. Most people don't.) And most of the news doesn't make it past the local level.

So in short. I need nominations for Human of the Week. But I know your busy. So whenever you hear something, hopefully you can think, "I should forward that to Sushiboy", and then do it. I would be very grateful. Thanks!


Tug said...

I haven't killed anyone this week!

um...ok. I'll keep looking. ;-)

Just Dave said...

If this award extends to corporations, I nominate Wal-Mart. They have lowered their gasoline prices in the Houston-Galveston area so that Hurricane Ike vistims can keep their generators running until the power gets back up. This is in opposition to the many stations that jumped their prices 20 cents a gallon when the storm started moving in. Wal-Mart has also made sure that their stores have plenty of ice at a reasonable price. I generally am no lover of the Wal-Mart empire but, in this instance, they derseve kudos.

Scarlet said...,25197,24392064-12377,00.html

You mean stories like this?

Midleah said...

Ok, I'm throwing this out there even though I blogged about it, too...the little girl who started and She was featured on the news and I think she'll be on Oprah soon.